Sonntag, 10. November 2019

Back on the road to the trail

After the defeat against Gladbach a week ago, no one would have thought it possible that the factory self in the Champions League Atletico Madrid fully deserved to beat and deserved to take three points in Wolfsburg.

Especially the match against the Madrilenians showed what is possible with full concentration. And the surprising thing about the Wolfsburg victory is the fact that our team had no corner in the whole game and won anyway. I don't like to remember Hoffenheim home game, where we felt 20:0 corners had and no threesome landed. The same against Gladbach where in the end 12:0 corners for us were on the books. But fair enough I have to state that our corners in the Madrid game were almost all very dangerous, so that the Werkself is obviously on the right track with standards.

It's always good to go into the international break with a win. The next opponent is Freiburg, the surprise team of the current season before the league goes to Munich. Not to forget the match in Moscow this week, when it's all or nothing for a winter in Europe. But now there's a break, after the many English weeks it's also good.

Sonntag, 3. November 2019

Hard times

There have certainly been better months than this terrible football October. And the start into November didn't go as expected with the well-deserved home defeat against Gladbach.

If you try to answer the question who lost the game, the defense or the attack, then the answer is clear: both. If you don't pay attention twice in the back and score two equally annoying goals against each other and don't net in front despite numerous promising possibilities, then you are empty-handed after 90 minutes - despite again better statistics than the opponent. I think we could have continued playing for hours yesterday and it would not have been possible to equalise. Annoying, because Gladbach certainly didn't deserve to win.

Now again the discussion rages in the social media who is to blame for the bad series. First the coach stands in the fire, then Völler and Rolfes and isolated players. My God, there is no one to blame for the current situation. The team showed in the second half of the season that they are doing well. And only the team can free itself from the misery. Of course you also need luck sometimes. We certainly didn't have that, because our boys didn't get a second ball yesterday, for example, everyone went to the opponent.

Wednesday Atletico will come, certainly not the decisive game in the Champions League, to maybe reach the Euro League after all. A point or better three would help us very, very much.

Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

Not badly played, but nothing fetched

At least in the first sixty minutes of the Champions League away match at Atletico Madrid, the Werkself could not be accused of having learned nothing from the defeat in Frankfurt.  But what I couldn't deny and that's the way it is when you score zero goals: Our highly praised storm did not hit again. You can always get one in Atletico, but to be honest, I haven't seen much of a chance for our team to score.

To those of you who are now making the swan song to the Champions League, all you can say is that it was already clear after the home defeat against Moscow that this year it's all about the Euro League for us. And nothing has changed in the constellation so far. There is still everything in it, especially since we can also win in Moscow with heart and blood with two goals difference.

Now four home games in a row follow, our whole concentration has to be on it: scoring in the Bundesliga and getting ahead in the cup against Paderborn. Then it doesn't matter what the outcome against Atletico will be in the second leg. This will be a game for increasing self-confidence if things go well or for increasing uncertainty if things go badly. I believe in the first one. The season is still long.

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019

A painful evening

Just is different, but if you are already 2:0 behind after 15 minutes, then it will probably be a painful evening. 

Our guys haven't been able to control their opponents for much of the first half. Then it doesn't help if we were the clearly better team in the second half. Six/seven high-carat chances we did not use and then still one caught.

All in all it is too little at the end of the day. We stand in the secured midfield, but that cannot and must not be our claim with this team.

Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2019

We must be satisfied with the point against Leipzig

It would have been too nice if we had been able to break in the three-way against the cops, but realistically we have to be satisfied with the point - against one of our fear opponents.  It could have ended bitterly for us in the first half, but my old saying is: the goalkeeper is part of the game. And nice to see how our defenders made Timo Werner tired, so that he had to be replaced early with frustration.

The two injuries of Sinkgraven and Aranguiz hurt us. Especially with Sinkgraven, you had the feeling until his replacement that his left side does not burn. And Charles is a must in this team, nice to see how he prepared the interim lead with full force.

The hot weeks of the preliminary round start right after the international break. Away in Frankfurt and at Atletico. And then three home games in one week: Werder, Paderborn in the cup and then Gladbach. And the fourth home game in a row follows directly in the following week, when Atletico is a guest in the BayArena.

Especially the away game in Frankfurt is important. There we often looked good and a victory would bring the Frankfurters to a clear distance to us. But somehow every game is important in this table constellation.

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019

As expected nothing to get in Turin

The result of 0:3 seems sobering at first sight. Bayer had more ball possession, but the breakthrough to the front was missing. Those who strongly criticise the team, especially in the social media, should keep in mind that Juventus is not just any Italian village club, but has the right to advance to the final in the Champions League. Two figures may illustrate the difference: At Transfermarkt, the total market value of the Juventus squad is currently 864 million euros, which compares to 415 million euros for our team. In the end, money scores more goals again.

It is important for our boys to present themselves internationally and the next old saying is: We learn from mistakes. If that's the case, then the defeat is painful, but okay. Then we can watch the home game with a clear conscience before the international break against the cops from Leipzig. We can certainly make our contribution to making the cans foam over after the two home defeats against Schalke and now also against Lyon.

Samstag, 28. September 2019


Important away victory for our works team in Augsburg, our favourite opponent in the league. Playfully the performance was certainly not on the highest level, but what is not, that can still become.

It's important that nobody injured themselves and Weiser, Sinkgraven and Paulinho got playing practice. Augsburg is certainly not the measure of all things, but you have to make the three-way anyway.

The next two games have it a little bit in themselves. After the unnecessary home defeat against Moscow, we are under pressure in the Champions League. If Ronaldo and Co then run up against us, then we probably won't have these high ball possession shares. And next Saturday the cops will be our guests in the BayArena. Until yesterday Leipzig was the dominant team in the league, but after today's home defeat against Schalke, the hyped championship candidate is back on the ground.

Let's go werkself.

Back on the road to the trail

After the defeat against Gladbach a week ago, no one would have thought it possible that the factory self in the Champions League Atletico M...