Samstag, 22. Januar 2022

Augsburg suits us

It is and remains the case: Augsburg suits us and the Werkself has never lost a game against FCA. For a long time, the Werkself looked like the sure winner, only the 2 minutes after the interim goal made the experienced Bayer supporter nervous. Often enough, the Werkself then lost unnecessary points. And then Bayer stepped on the gas again, so that in the end it came to a deserved 5:1 victory.

After the FIFA rest period ahead of us, it's off to BVB on Sunday at 3.30 pm. They are the clear favourites, counting themselves as Bayern's number 1 chaser. Of course, we haven't looked particularly good in Dortmund in recent years, but what have we got to lose? With the team's playing strength and maybe a bit of luck, there could be a lot in it. We wish it so much.

Samstag, 15. Januar 2022

2:0 lead brought to the finish

It has not always been the case this season that a 2:0 lead was enough for the Werkself to take three points in the end. Thank goodness it was different in today's away game in Gladbach, because apart from the connecting goal, the Gladbachers were not to succeed. On the contrary, Bayer even had the chance to make it 3:1 with their second penalty and a subsequent great chance from Adli.

The statisticians say that it was the first time since 2014 that a team "managed" to miss two penalties in one match. Who knows what it's good for. All in all, however, a well-deserved victory for our squad, which lifts us back up to 3rd place. That oll but not rest, because the chasers are still numerous. Next Saturday is against Augsburg Nachlegen a must.

Samstag, 8. Januar 2022


Bleak is the keyword of the afternoon for me. Desolate because the Werkself once again failed to clinch a three-goal win at home after taking the lead. Comfortable above all because once again no spectators were allowed into the stadium.

After the game, I don't know what to make of the 2:2 against Union at home. We go in the lead, get before the break the 1:1 and are after 50 minutes 1:2 behind. Storming run after that would have certainly looked different, but you can also argue that it was a controlled offense. The 2:2 shortly before the end in my opinion completely in order. Union would then have had to net in the 90th, however.

Thus, the Werkself remains one point ahead of Union. Hoffenheim is now over, Freiburg plays at home against Bielefeld also only a draw. And after that, Frankfurt and Dortmund play against each other. A Frankfurt win wouldn't do us any good. 

Then we'll just have to score three points next week in Gladbach. Then we'll see whether they've ended their period of weakness and whether yesterday's win in Bavaria wasn't just a flash in the pan. But I'm in favor of a flash in the pan.

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2021

With another defeat from the year

Once again, it was not meant to be. For a long time it looked like a 1-1 draw for the Werkself in Breisgau, but a lack of concentration ten minutes before the end led to a 2-1 defeat. There's not much to comment on now, because at some point it's enough to make you speechless.

Let's look forward to a three-week break and hope that everything will be better in 2022.

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2021


It's crazy. Our team repeatedly takes a deserved 2:0 lead in a Bundesliga match and once again fails to win against Hoffenheim. There's no point in beating up on the team now. Nevertheless, we have to show a reaction in Freiburg on Sunday. We can do it, we've shown that often enough this season. And despite last week's away defeat in Frankfurt, we've always played better away than at home in recent months.

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2021

Every hour comes to an end

After the 5:2 defeat in Frankfurt, I largely do not share the numerous postings in the social media that speak of a weak performance by the Werkself. Sure, if you lead 2:0 away from home early on and then get five, then the criticism is obvious. But if you take off your club glasses, you have to say that at least two of the goals scored by the Eagles were completely lucky goals that you only score once every five years. Sure, they were well done, but you can't defend against them.

What are the lessons learned for Wednesday's home game against Hoffenheim: keep playing, then the goals will come, but be more aggressive in the duels to show the visitors who's boss from the start. Then a three-goal win is possible, even if Hoffenheim is the team of the moment. Figuratively speaking, every hour comes to an end at some point.

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2021

Nothing happens in Budapest

Of course it's annoying to lose 1:0 by a goal shortly before the end. Budapest didn't really have anything to counter throughout the game, but still left the pitch as the winner. More important for us is that we almost rotated and were able to try out one or the other formation at least in the second half - even if only for a short time. We left the round as group winners, but that was already clear beforehand.

On Sunday in Frankfurt, it's all about more. The Hessians still haven't really arrived in the season, but they could set one or two needle marks with victories in Freiburg and at Bayern. Let's hope that the home weakness of the Eagles continues.

Augsburg suits us

It is and remains the case: Augsburg suits us and the Werkself has never lost a game against FCA. For a long time, the Werkself looked like ...