Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2019

That's how quickly you get grounded

Even though it's been 48 hours since the trophy came out. I still can't believe that our boys have left the chance to advance. We had it in our hands ourselves, but that's football, so quickly you'll be brought back to the ground and grounded. But who knows what it was good for. Probably Heidenheim gets the reward now and has to play in the next round away in Munich or Leipzig. How unfair would that be?

Somehow in the last hours I can't get rid of the feeling that our team thinks that this was a one-time slip and won't happen again. We are the conquerors of Bayern Munich, nobody can harm us so fast. But also Bundesliga is tough everyday life and Mainz is certainly not a pavement on which we played every year brilliantly and the game decided early for us. Guys, it's everyday life and you get the decisive points in everyday life and not on a special stage. If that is clear to everyone, then we can radiate confidence, but it must also be clear to everyone.

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