Sonntag, 21. April 2019

It was possible without eggs

Against Nuremberg, the Werkself did not let any eggs be laid in the net and won the game 2-0. But maybe the team would have done a few eggs of their own good to finally show a good home game again. It was more than a tough game at times.

At halftime, I wanted to title the blog from a team that moved out before the start of the season in order to get into the Champions League and in the end did not make it into the Europa League. But at least that's still not the case today.

The next game is always the hardest for us. Compared to Stuttgart and Nuremberg, a clear increase in performance is needed to survive in Augsburg.  Yes, I know, our boys have never lost in Augsburg, we are their fear opponents. But sometimes coach changes write their own series. Whoever wins in Frankfurt and beats Stuttgart 6:0 at home is in a good mood.

One thing is clear, in our situation we need a threesome, a draw would probably be too little, even though the last few years have shown time and again that the race to Europe can also develop into a snail race.

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