Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019

As expected nothing to get in Turin

The result of 0:3 seems sobering at first sight. Bayer had more ball possession, but the breakthrough to the front was missing. Those who strongly criticise the team, especially in the social media, should keep in mind that Juventus is not just any Italian village club, but has the right to advance to the final in the Champions League. Two figures may illustrate the difference: At Transfermarkt, the total market value of the Juventus squad is currently 864 million euros, which compares to 415 million euros for our team. In the end, money scores more goals again.

It is important for our boys to present themselves internationally and the next old saying is: We learn from mistakes. If that's the case, then the defeat is painful, but okay. Then we can watch the home game with a clear conscience before the international break against the cops from Leipzig. We can certainly make our contribution to making the cans foam over after the two home defeats against Schalke and now also against Lyon.

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