Samstag, 30. November 2019

On days like this

Seven years we waited for this day and after seven years we finally won another away match in Munich. But all the augurs had predicted a clear defeat for the Werkself. But that's football and sometimes it's not the team that wins, which is quoted with 1.13 at Tipco, but the team that wins with 11th place.

That was amazing how the betting quotas in the week after the 6:0 of the Bavarians in Belgrade had shifted in favor of the Bavarians. If there was before the Belgrade game with Heilsbringer Flick still 6 for 1 a Leverkusen victory shrank the odds then to 11:1.

With this victory, we have not let it tear upwards, it all remains close together, the Werkself has long again won a Saturday 18:30 game. All just good news on days like this.

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