Freitag, 21. Februar 2020

Good start in English weeks

Now all the competitions are going full steam ahead and one English week follows the other. With the 2:1 home win against Porto, the Werkself has undoubtedly made a good start here. Of course 2:1 means that we are not yet making progress, but an important foundation stone has been laid. There have been worse conditions before the second leg.

Yesterday evening's realisation is actually quite clear. With Tapsoba we have a very strong defender, who once again distinguished himself with an excellent positional play. From the way he moved, you always had the feeling that Danny da Costa had come back. Of course there were disappointments. For me, Demirbay once again failed to fulfil the hopes everyone had hoped for from his commitment. But what is not yet can still become. Even so, it was enough for a 2-1 home win, which was never in danger.

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