Freitag, 28. Februar 2020

The magic night of Porto

"No chance against Bayer in Porto", "Bayer's amazing victory" - these are the headlines of the news agencies just a few minutes after the final whistle, after the Werkself qualified for the next round of the European League with a 3-1 away win in Porto.

Actually, it was a completely unspectacular evening as I like it when our team takes an early lead after the first leg victory and doesn't let anything burn. At no point during the game did we have the feeling that the Porto logo would be in the draw drum on Friday.

Ball possession and pass rates were not that important in Porto. The opponents would have loved to have had the high-ranking Bayer team, who had been seen many times in the league, to throw them out of the competition by winning duels and counter-attacks. But that didn't work, because Bayer 04 had almost the entire team behind the ball from the start.

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