Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2020

Unfortunately there are such evenings

Of course, none of us expected that the Werkself would not play a successful home game against the Wolves after the away wins in Bremen and Gladbach. The 1:4 defeat was clear and deserved, without any ifs and buts. On the positive side, you could say that it's better to get four in one game than four times one. If it was good at the end of the day to start a new winning streak, then everything is good.

But it also became clear that Kai Havertz, who is no longer in the team, will bring the whole game to a standstill. And one thing I have learned clearly in the last ten days with ghost games. The home team is at a disadvantage. Last Saturday, for example, there were only two home wins in nine matches, last night there were no home wins in eight national and second division duels. And in addition, in the ghost atmosphere there are significantly more goals scored according to standards. We had benefited from this twice and yesterday we didn't.

So all in all, don't worry about the next away game in Freiburg. The only thing that would be important would be to work on one or the other standard, then statistically speaking nothing can go wrong.

So let's keep our spirits up with our team.

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