Samstag, 20. Juni 2020


On Wednesday our boys were still on top as ghost derby winners, but after today's defeat at Hertha, the mood is currently rather at zero. Now we can no longer make it on our own strength to move into the Champions League. Although this statement is not strictly speaking correct, because the Werkself still plays in the EuropaLeague and for some years now the EuropaLeague winner moves into the Champions League the following year.

Realistically, we should now focus on the EuropaLeague.  We didn't lose fourth place even today in Berlin. The Werkself has shown remarkable performances away from home in the current season. We all left the points at home in the first round against Hoffenheim, Freiburg and Hertha and certainly in the ghost game against Wolfsburg. That would have been enough.

And if you're really spiteful, you can always argue that the European League is taking you to classic football stadiums in Europe and not just any football temples.

And by the way: the Werkself doesn't lose twice in two weeks in Berlin.

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