Samstag, 5. September 2020

Thank you Kai, thank you Kevin

That was some expected and anticipated news that has reached the Bayer fan in the last few days.

It's a pity, Kevin, that you are leaving the club after four years. I always liked your commitment to the club and you were certainly one of the leaders who taught the boys a lot on their way to the top. I had thought that you would continue to play under the Bavarian Cross for many years to come, but obviously a lot has happened that is not discussed in public with regard to money and management. All the best in Monaco, where life is probably a little better than in Düsseldorf.

All the Best also at Kai. Ten years and thus half of life under the Bayer Cross. Thanks for the emotional farewell. London is different, of course, but everyone keeps their fingers crossed for a successful future. I still regret the situation in November last year when some people whistled and verbally attacked you in your own stadium. That's not right for a young, successful player. Kai, stay safe.

When Lars gives up his captaincy, it's certainly not good news at first glance. From my point of view it's absolutely understandable because of his vulnerability to injuries. It's a pity, but Charles as successor is one of the leaders and a worthy successor.

And to all those who are now despairing because no newcomers have been named yet. The transfer window is still open for a long time. You don't have to act immediately, because everyone thinks the Bavarian is sitting on a sack of money. The next season will be difficult anyway with all the English weeks. Our management is aware of this and will work on the breadth of the squad, I'm sure. And the one or other price for a player will certainly be lower than today in two weeks' time. Just like on the stock market, the return on investment is in purchasing.

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