Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2020

We have always lost such games in the past

We have always lost such games in the past and the initial situation was again ungrateful for us. Here comes the unbeaten Leverkusen, who are striving to reach the Champions League and meet a team that has not won 25 times in a row. To be more precise, the last Schalke victory dates from 17.1.2020 when they beat Gladbach 2-0 at home. That's why it's even nicer to read the headline in the table football immediately after the end of the game: "Thanks to a 3-0 win on Schalke, Bayer Leverkusen climbed to second place in the table and remains unbeaten".

So the homework is done for today and the game continues against Prague on Thursday. First place in the group would give us the better pot in the draw, so this must be our goal. Afterwards we will play against Hoffenheim. The team from the village used to be our favourite opponent, but in the end we always left points here. And after that, the match schedule really doesn't show any matches during the week. But then the game in Cologne is all the more explosive. Here is the starting situation and today. But with our team, we can also pass all of that successfully.

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