Sonntag, 1. November 2020

I like it like this

After the undeserved defeat of the Werkself, the team had to stay in the Bundesliga in Freiburg today. From the side and the current rhythm, I would have been satisfied with a draw in Breisgau in the run-up, especially since the last games against the Streich team were all close.

After the early 1-0 against us, it was time to stay calm and bring the advantages of the game to the pitch. A red card almost put us off the track again. But today the VAR was on duty again and so the red card became a yellow card for Sven Bender. And then Lucas Alario gave the Werkself the half-time lead with a double pack. When Amiri scored a dream goal to make it 3-1, the afternoon was supposed to be over, but it wasn't, because the Breisgau team scored 3-2 after a defensive error by Joker Petersen. But it is also the season of standard goals and Jonathan Tah pocketed a header three minutes after the connecting goal after the corner to a deserved 4:2 final score.

Now four days break before the EuropaLeague continues. Prague should not be repeated in Israel, even though our "B eleven" will certainly play there again. It is simply necessary to rotate, and today has shown that it can work. In this respect, we should look optimistically to Thursday and then we'll see what the Gladbachers will get on our chain, or rather hopefully not get on our chain.

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