Montag, 2. August 2021

The never champions season forecast 2021/22

No sooner has the last season ended than the Bundesliga starts again. I'm not a prophet when I say that this will be another difficult season for all clubs, especially for those who play in international competitions and still have national players who joined the squad late.

With this season prediction, you can once again measure my football intelligence. My last season's predictions were consistent in the sense that I correctly predicted three out of four Champions League participants. My relegation predictions, on the other hand, were not particularly good. But as always: this year everything will be better.
And here are my entry expectations for the coming season:

1.) Bayern Munich: Yes, unfortunately, Bayern will probably remain the measure of all things in the league again, even if many - like me - don't like it.

2.) Borussia Dortmund: The team is in a good position and anything other than a ranking of three or worse would be a disappointment.

3.) Dose Leipzig: The team will certainly face a more difficult year after the personnel upheaval. The triple burden is also taking its toll. But we have also learned that we can make decisive additions to the team during the winter break if necessary.

4.) VfL Wolfsburg: Whether you like it or not, with this squad the Champions League must be in the cards. The structures have improved, but here, too, the triple burden will take its toll.

5.) WE: There will certainly be one or two things happening in both directions between now and the end of the transfer period. In view of the tight calendar, it is important to have a broad squad. It should definitely be enough for the EuroLeague, the rest remains to be seen.

6.) Eintracht Frankfurt: After a good previous year, the Eagles should attack again, especially as they have a tailwind with a new coach.

7.) Hoffenheim: Difficult to assess, but certainly stronger than last year. It is even possible that the first coaching dismissal will take place here before the village is brought back on track under a new aegis.

8.) Borussia M'Gladbach: In terms of self-portrayal, those responsible see themselves rather further ahead, but everyday life with a new coach looks different.

9.) Hertha BSC: At some point, as a club in the capital, you have to invest properly, market yourself properly and have crisp investors in order to do better. But that's no use if your investor has money but the right players don't necessarily want to come to the capital.

10.) Union Berlin: Good personnel, supported by the environment, should once again keep the class, given the continuing euphoria in the environment, even if not as easy as last year.

11.) VfL Bochum: The euphoria in the Pott helps to get the decisive points at home and thus to reach a secure midfield position.

12.) SC Freiburg: Consistency will also excel this year. Streich can also keep the class this year with the squad.

13) 1.FC Köln: Keeping in the class is realistic. One or two surprising home points should be enough to keep them in the lower end of the midfield.

14.) Mainz 05: After the strong second half of the season, the team will certainly start the new season with a tailwind, and the points should be enough to keep them in the league.

15.) FC Augsburg: Actually, this non-super team can't do any more than to finish just outside the relegation zone.

16.) VfB Stuttgart: The second year is the more difficult one. You want more according to your own self-image, but so does everyone else. This year, however, the #16 should be well ahead of the last two places.

17.) Arminia Bielefeld: Unfortunately, Arminia will not storm through the Bundesliga as they did last year, given their lack of financial resources. Thus, the club remains a clear relegation candidate in year two.

18.) SpVgg Greuther Fürth: Actually a likeable team, but unfortunately I fear direct relegation due to the lack of strength of the squad compared to other clubs.


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Sonntag, 30. Mai 2021

Better season forecast ever - Werkself (unfortunately) correctly assessed

At the end of a more than comical season, it's time to recap the never-master 2020/21 season forecast from 14.9.2020.

Somehow my season prediction seems to show consistency in that I correctly predicted three out of four Champions League participants (Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig), just like last year. My relegation predictions were not particularly good either: I had seen Mainz and Bielefeld in 17th and 18th place. But in fact it was Bremen and Schalke who were relegated. I had seen Stuttgart in the relegation, the place where Cologne were saved after all.

Specifically, I had assumed that Bayern would once again be the measure of all things in the league, even if many - like me - didn't like it. I thought Dortmund would be close, even if it wasn't that close at the end, and I also thought the Dosen would finish top under Nagelsmann.  I didn't expect Wolfsburg to be in the top 4 under any circumstances, especially since they didn't make it past the Europa League qualifiers. But the Wolves showed consistency over the whole season.

Positive was the development of Frankfurt, who finished in 5th place (my tip: 8). However, after the announcement of the change of coach, the eagle was plucked several times.

Our team reached the Europa League as I expected (6th place, my tip: 5). However, if you look at the course of the season, there was clearly more in it after the first half of the season. 

One of the top surprises for me was Union's 7th place and qualification for the new European competition. I had expected the second year to be more difficult for the team from Köpenick and had expected 15th place.

While Union surprised positively, Borussia M'Gladbach did the exact opposite. My prediction of 3rd place was missed with 8th place. Here it first became apparent that the announcement of a change of coach is rather harmful.

In my prediction, the disappointments of the season will certainly come in the relegation zone. Werder was actually already saved in March and only picked up one point from the last nine games (against Werkself). And nothing really needs to be said about Schalke. I don't see either team getting back up quickly; the structural deficits in both clubs are too great, coupled with considerable financial difficulties. And Cologne, who are just about to stay in the top flight, will also have to make considerable changes in order to achieve a better ranking next year.

All in all, my predictions have been better than for the past season. I'll do my best to do better next year.

 Stay healthy, everyone.

Samstag, 22. Mai 2021

Actual game secondary

After the Werkself had already cemented sixth place in the previous week and thus qualification for the Europa League, yesterday's match in Dortmund was of no significance.

Paulinho celebrated his comeback on the pitch after rupturing his cruciate ligament and being out for a total of 336 days. Julian Baumgartlinger took a seat on the bench after cruciate ligament surgery and was thus part of the line-up for the first time since the end of January. And then there were the two main protagonists of the day from the black-red perspective: Lars and Sven Bender. While Sven, like Gray and Paulinho, was in the starting line-up and captained the Werkself on his last professional outing, his twin brother Lars surprisingly made his comeback to the matchday squad.

And part of the successful afternoon was that Julian and Lars were substituted shortly before the end and Lars was able to convert the penalty kick, even if it was only the goal for the final score of 1:3. But the result was secondary.

I think we are all happy that this strange season has now come to an end.

And as always: the review and classification of the season forecast made at the beginning of the season will follow after the relegation has been completed.

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2021

New broom

Bayer today announced the signing of Gerardo Seoane as its new head coach. This confirms rumours that were already heard around the BayArena the day before.

The appointment is widely welcomed in the social media, even if it is always pointed out that the Swiss and German leagues are of different calibres. However, the offensive approach to the game is praised uniformly. That is what we want to see. Good luck Gerardo.

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2021

That's enough - but somehow not enough

That's enough, yes, the Werkself secured sixth place in the league after the 1:1 at home against Union Berlin and will play in the Europa League next season. But it's not enough, because the game was anything but the spirited football that the Werkself offered at the beginning of the season.

I have never longed for the end of a season as much as I do now. A crazy season with all its ups and downs without spectators. Next week in Dortmund, nothing is at stake for us and probably nothing for the hosts either. The best conditions to see a good game at the end of the season. And next year everything will be different - hopefully in a positive sense.

Samstag, 8. Mai 2021

Hopefully that will be enough

The Werkself took a point from Bremen with a 0-0 draw, but a win would of course have been much more helpful in the fight for European places. The good thing about today's game was that Bayer once again didn't concede a goal and the defence stood firm for most of the 90 minutes. Of course, that's no use if you don't score in front, even though there were only a few good chances.

So next week Bayer will have to go one better at home against Union, and one point might be enough to secure 6th place and at least a place in the Europa League. 

Many people describe the Europa League as not particularly exciting and a second-class competition. Hopefully, when spectators are allowed again in autumn, I will certainly watch one or two away games, even if it's not to Madrid or London. It still hurts not to have been in Prague and Bern this year. But as always: hope dies last.

Sonntag, 25. April 2021

Frankfurt at home always works

 Yesterday was an important home victory for the Werkself against our favourite home opponent of the last few years, Eintracht Frankfurt, in the fight for Europe. For a long time it was a good game by our team, even if the 1:0 only came in the 70th minute. And with the quality of the opposing strikers, who are always good for a goal, it was important that Alario made it 2-0 ten minutes before the end.

This consolidates our sixth place. Even though we didn't expect to drop so far on Christmas Eve, it was important to freeze the 4-point lead against Union and Gladbach behind us. There are still nine points to be awarded and the goal difference is still in our favour. So that can work out. To do that, it's important to gather all our strength in the upcoming break and then get a three-point win in Bremen, even if they'll probably change coaches by then after seven defeats in a row.

The never champions season forecast 2021/22

No sooner has the last season ended than the Bundesliga starts again. I'm not a prophet when I say that this will be another difficult s...