Samstag, 27. Mai 2023

Defeat with victory

Sometimes you have to have a little luck in life. Werkself deservedly lost 3-0 in Bochum today and secured VfL's place in the league. However, since Wolfsburg lost 2-1 at home to last-place Hertha despite an early 1-0 lead, and Frankfurt was unable to close the goal difference gap to us, the Werkself remains in 6th place in the final table and will therefore play in Europe next season. If Leipzig wins the cup final against Frankfurt next week, then it's Europa League. If Frankfurt wins, then the Bayer will play in the Conference League.

After the weak start to the season and Alonso takeover in 17th place, we would have given anything for it. Even if the last games were rather disappointing, we can be satisfied with the yield after the change of coach. Even if we have not won the last games, the bottom line remains a satisfactory for the season. After the elimination in Elversberg one of the first round of the cup and a subsequent bankruptcies threatened the total crash. But that was not the case. And reaching the semifinals of the Europa League against Rome was not a foregone conclusion either.

Of course, now comes the big upheaval, which, to be fair, is also unfortunately necessary. And then I'm sure that we'll be back on the attack next year and qualify for the internationals again.

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