Sonntag, 24. Februar 2019

Football can also be unfair

Anyone who has watched this game has seen for themselves that certainly not the better team is on the credit side. Sometimes life can be so unfair. We have seen a good game of our boys, but in Dortmund is just not good enough, there is very good play. Anyway, it was fun to watch our team, there were certainly other times a few weeks ago.

Now we can only look ahead, the English weeks are over and the gap has to be shortened before the next international break. Can only mean that Saturday against Freiburg a threesome has to be played and the next threesome at the next away match in Hanover is also an urgent must.

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2019

Black and white change so quickly

On Sunday against Fortuna the world was still in order, because what the Werkself showed against Düsseldorf did not exist before. If our boys came back from Europe earlier, then they often missed the next Bundesliga match, no matter how easy it was, in the clear favourite role. In contrast, things were very different against Düsseldorf: 84% of ball possessions speak for themselves. Jonathan Tah alone played 206 passes, considerably more than the whole Düsseldorf team with 188.

Tonight, this look in the rear-view mirror is of no use, because it's so easy to follow in black and white football. Even if the Werkself did not lose, they are today in the favorite role against Krasnodar out of the international competition. That concludes the English weeks for this year.

Whether that's good or bad I don't know yet. Even though this admittedly makes my business scheduling a little easier, I would have liked to have taken it differently. It is as it is, too bad. And the motto can only be: Full concentration on the Bundesliga. If we played against Dortmund on Sunday, then at least four of the five teams at the top will no longer be our opponents this year. Does that mean that the rest will be easier than for the competition? No certainly not, because you get the decisive points against supposedly weaker ones or leave them there. These are the points you have to score.

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019

It could've been worse, but it could've been better

0:0 in Krasnodar in the first leg of the Euro League now does not sound like a very entertaining football match. Our boys had the chance to take the lead in the second half, but they could also have fallen behind before. At 0:0 you have to win his home game now, but with the performances shown is very, very well possible.

The injury of Sven Bender just before the end seems much worse, although I'm one of the few who believes that Dragovic is a good substitute for him. So that's no reason to be pessimistic about the next games.

Sunday against Düsseldorf at home is a must-have, but the past has also shown often enough and not only with us that this becomes difficult, if you have several thousand travel kilometers in your bones. But I'd like to point out that we still have to make up for lost points from the first series, so there can't be any slip-ups.

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2019

Welcome back

After the defeat in Heidenheim, I had feared that the Werkself might approach the match in Mainz a bit too tense. But no, thank God, no, because in the end there was a never 5-1 away win at risk. Welcome back to the real world, dear Werkself.

Yes, that was a more than good performance on Friday evening in Mainz. Why doesn't that happen every week? So the Werkself is praised in all gazettes, but there are also those waiting in the starting blocks who want to speak of a unique performance. Of course also those who now write individual players into the national team and call out high price tags for some players during a transfer.

It is and remains important to bring consistency into the performances, based on that of Mainz and NOT that of Heidenheim. In view of the other results a good weekend for us. Why can't it be like this every weekend?

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2019

That's how quickly you get grounded

Even though it's been 48 hours since the trophy came out. I still can't believe that our boys have left the chance to advance. We had it in our hands ourselves, but that's football, so quickly you'll be brought back to the ground and grounded. But who knows what it was good for. Probably Heidenheim gets the reward now and has to play in the next round away in Munich or Leipzig. How unfair would that be?

Somehow in the last hours I can't get rid of the feeling that our team thinks that this was a one-time slip and won't happen again. We are the conquerors of Bayern Munich, nobody can harm us so fast. But also Bundesliga is tough everyday life and Mainz is certainly not a pavement on which we played every year brilliantly and the game decided early for us. Guys, it's everyday life and you get the decisive points in everyday life and not on a special stage. If that is clear to everyone, then we can radiate confidence, but it must also be clear to everyone.

Montag, 4. Februar 2019

Don't get cocky

I think, after the great 3:1 home win against Bayern Munich everything has been shown, said and posted on all channels. There is nothing more to add.

24 hours later, it's now time to look ahead clearly and unambiguously, because the Werkself now has to play away three times. The opponents are Heidenheim, Mainz and Krasnodar. Careful, it's all about work morale and constancy without any sense of humour. And that's what the Werkself certainly wants to prove.

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