Samstag, 30. September 2023

3:0 in Mainz - Werkself achieves record start in the Bundesliga

With a terrific away support behind them, the Werkself recorded its fifth league win. After the 3-0 win at Mainz 05, Leverkusen now have 16 points after six games, which is the best Bundesliga start in the club's history.

Bayer is having more fun these days than at any time in recent years. While in recent years we have always been in Mainz with "only" 2,000 guest fans, this time there were 5,000 just like two weeks ago in Munich. We have to keep the euphoria high now.  

Mainz is certainly not easy, so the three points are worth all the more. Bayer is stable right now. If Xhaka sees yellow after three minutes, then in the past there was quite often the yellow-red a short time later. But this year everything is different. Bayer plays efficiently, leads 1:0 at halftime without having scored a goal of its own, and immediately adds 2:0 with the next free kick. And you can see how important the bench is when Adli comes on and immediately provides the assist for 3:0 after very few minutes. It can go on like this.

Sonntag, 24. September 2023

The dream continues

The old saying goes that the championship is not decided in the direct duels against Leipzig or Dortmund. Many more relevant are the points a team loses to weaker teams. And that was not the case again today. In the end, the Werkself completely deserved to win 4:1 against valiant Heidenheim. It was an absolutely deserved victory, even if the score was 1-1 after 60 minutes.

Bayer showed today that they have enough juice at the end of the European Cup week to play forward with pressure for 90 minutes. If there is something to criticize, it is the fact that it was only 1-0 at halftime with 12-0 shots on goal.  Three important points remain in the color city. Next Saturday we go to Mainz. Either we lost there outright or looked good. I'm in favor of the winning streak not breaking off next week when Mainz are in a weakening mood.

Donnerstag, 21. September 2023

Successful start in Europe

Bayer 04 kicked off the new UEFA Europa League season with a 4-0 home win over Swedish champions BK Häcken, the Werkself once again appearing dominant and eager to play. 2-0 after 30 minutes and then let the game run and added another two goals in the second half, that's the short version of today's game.

The goal before the season was for us to field a wide squad for three competitions. So in the English weeks, it doesn't always have to be the same starting eleven. And one thing is clear: The guys who were brought in today did well.

All in all, it remains the same: The Werkself will not get cocky. We're thinking from game to game, because the final reckoning in all competitions won't be until May 2024.

Samstag, 16. September 2023

Deserved 2:2 in Munich

 Often enough we went to Munich with high hopes and got thrashed. Last night, however, everything was different. It was a commanding performance by the Werkself in the Arena and a deserved point, even if it came late. After Leipzig and yesterday in Munich, we showed that we can absolutely keep up with the big boys this year and that gives us confidence.

And the most important positive and negative messages can be presented as follows: 1.) We are playing with an excellent goalkeeper this year, who shows none of last year's weakness. 2.) We have not always successfully completed standard situations in the past either. Good corner kicks and free kicks always help. And that brings us to the negative point 3.) If the Bayer had not already conceded four goals and all of them by header after an opponent's corner kick, life would be even more beautiful. No, that's not complaining at a high level. We are all enjoying the moment.

Samstag, 2. September 2023

Very nice win against promoted Darmstadt

You first have to win games like that against Darmstadt. In the past, the Werkself has often dropped points in such games. Actually, the signs for a clear home victory were green from the start, but Dortmund's draw against Heidenheim last night sent a message.

The first half was very disjointed and the score went into the dressing room at 1-1. In half time 2, however, the Werkself lived up to its reputation and clearly played the game home 5:1. Nine points after three games, that can be seen and in the form after the international break, we do not need to hide in the away game in Munich.

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