Sonntag, 28. Juni 2020

Our season is not over yet

The missed Champions League entry was already clear to me last week, so yesterday's Saturday was no disappointment for me. For many teams the season is over, but for us it's not over yet.

Of course the Bavarians are the big favourites in the cup final on Saturday, but we showed in the first round in Munich that we can beat them. And at some point every winning streak comes to an end, often just when nobody expects it. We ourselves have enough experience with this topic. And so much can happen in one game. Under no circumstances do we bury our heads in the sand, because in a game everything is in it, especially for us.

I'm not thinking about the Europa League or the return match against Glasgow at the beginning of August, but then it's going to be one match after another. But now I want to concentrate fully on the next game, we can boil the Bavarians down, no question.

Samstag, 20. Juni 2020


On Wednesday our boys were still on top as ghost derby winners, but after today's defeat at Hertha, the mood is currently rather at zero. Now we can no longer make it on our own strength to move into the Champions League. Although this statement is not strictly speaking correct, because the Werkself still plays in the EuropaLeague and for some years now the EuropaLeague winner moves into the Champions League the following year.

Realistically, we should now focus on the EuropaLeague.  We didn't lose fourth place even today in Berlin. The Werkself has shown remarkable performances away from home in the current season. We all left the points at home in the first round against Hoffenheim, Freiburg and Hertha and certainly in the ghost game against Wolfsburg. That would have been enough.

And if you're really spiteful, you can always argue that the European League is taking you to classic football stadiums in Europe and not just any football temples.

And by the way: the Werkself doesn't lose twice in two weeks in Berlin.

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2020

Ghost winner

It's brutal when you drive past the stadium on the motorway 45 minutes before the start of the match on your way home, don't turn off and swap your seat in the stadium for the sofa again.

All in all, a well-deserved ghost win against the cathedral city, even if it did not always look like a sure-fire triumph after the intermediate connecting goal. But in the end the FC could not follow the pace of Diaby. The basis for success is certainly also the broad squad, if you can easily bring in national players without losing quality.

After yesterday's appearance of Havertz, the discussion about a possible transfer will probably continue in the next few days, especially since in England and Spain the season has just been restarted and football is now much more prominent again. But the Werkself should not be put off by the discussions. And since yesterday it is also clear that the Europa League will continue in August. We still have everything in hand and are therefore looking confidently into the coming weeks.

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2020

The point can still be valuable

In the past, people would have said that a draw on Schalke was a good result. In the current situation it might be a loss of points because Schalke didn't win the last 12 games. But I stick to it, this point can still be valuable in the final settlement in the qualification for the Champions League.

So now full concentration. Cologne at home, Hertha away and Mainz at home are normally good for three wins and nine points. Then we don't have to look at the other places. Concentrate boys, then you can do it. 

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2020

Berlin on the sofa

Deserved, more than deserved and not really endangered at any time was the 3-0 victory of the Werkself last night at the four-league club Saarbrücken in the semi-finals of the DFB-Pokal. Statistically speaking, it was the first Werkself victory ever in Saarland and the first win against Saarbrücken in almost 35 years. Incidentally, the Werkself have not lost to Saarbrücken in 34.5 years. Turn it however you want.

Berlin on the sofa: I've always wanted Berlin and in the last few years I've always booked a hotel for the final in Berlin at the beginning of the season. So this year as well, but also weeks ago - detached from the sportive progress of the Werkself - I cancelled again. So this year it's the sofa. And what do my Bayer final statistics say. Probably exactly the same as for many of you:
1993 - Sofa - won
2002 - stadium - lost
2009 - Stadium - lost
2020 - Sofa - ??????

Even if it hurts my heart, but it would do me good if this series does not tear.

Sonntag, 7. Juni 2020

Forget it

That wasn't our Saturday yesterday. Maybe we made the tactical mistake and started too offensive in the bayern game. The beginning proved us right with the lead, but if you get three pieces until halftime, then there's nothing to get against the South Germans.

And still the game had a highlight for us with the goal of Florian Wirtz, a goal that will remain in the statistics for a long time.

Tuesday evening it's off to the showdown in Saarland. These are games where you can only embarrass yourself. If the Werkself go into the cup final, you won't get any praise, everyone says they expected it. And if not, then you're the nation's fool. Lotte and Heidenheim send their regards. But playfully and normally this thing should turn out well for us. But what is normal in these times? Still, I have no doubt that the Werkself will make it to the cup final again. 

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