Sonntag, 31. Juli 2022

What an embarrassment

I had been looking forward to the start of the season for weeks and made my way to Elversberg at the weekend. I suspected it in advance, because in the villages we were never really successful. Lotte and Unterhaching send their regards, but the list is certainly longer.

Supposedly, the stadium in Elversberg should be a jewel box of the 3rd league. What we encountered on site was more like a soccer field plowed into a mountain with more sponsor seats than seats for normal people. But all that must not and cannot irritate a top German team.

We completely deserved to lose the game. You could say spitefully: It's great that we scored three goals against a third-division team. But that's no use if your defense acts like a bunch of chickens, the midfield doesn't provide any impetus and the offense should have done a lot more. It's just pure frustration, especially when the coach is still making a mess of himself with the substitutions. No coach discussion, no. The attitude of all players was not right in front and behind, that was the decisive factor. If you score the tying goal after 88 minutes, then you get the ball out of the net and put it at the center and then you go on. And on Saturday? There we let the Elversberger bring the ball back to the kickoff in peace and again the game time went on.

There is still more than much to do. And that in all areas.

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