Samstag, 27. August 2022

Spell broken?

That was an important away win for the Werkself today, 3-0 in Mainz. Bayer scored three goals in the first half from a stable defensive position, and two of them showed how proper counterattacking soccer and aggressive forechecking can be successful. In the second half, our team did not let anything happen. In contrast to the first games, the defense stood well, so that it was even to zero to the end.

Nevertheless, the two yellow-red cards for Hincapie and Bakker were annoying, with the second one in particular being completely unnecessary. So discipline is what the team urgently needs to improve in the coming weeks. It went well today, but that doesn't always have to be the case.

Overall, though, the positives outweighed the negatives tonight. And next week against Freiburg we'll build on what went better today than in previous weeks.

Sonntag, 21. August 2022


The name of this blog has never been more appropriate than these days. Four defeats in a row and at the beginning of a season let one low point follow the next. The home game against Hoffenheim clearly showed the insecurity of the team.

The list of shortcomings was long on Saturday. While Bayer "only" failed in Dortmund and against Augsburg because of goals conceded and a disastrous use of chances, the Werkself presented a complete range of failures in the 0:3 against Hoffenheim, especially before the break. Technically, they were shockingly faulty for long stretches, they were not present in the duels, especially when the goals were conceded, they were poorly positioned and lacked ideas on the offensive, and they were sleepy and inconsistent on the defensive, where Bayer offered a lot and did little or nothing to stop it.

There is nothing more to say today.

Sonntag, 14. August 2022

Low point reached

After three defeats in a row, the Werkself has hit rock bottom and sends its regards to the bottom of the Bundesliga table. Statistically, this is the worst start to a Bundesliga season since the club's promotion in 1979. That's not our aspiration, not what we had in mind. Accordingly, it's clear that we're all very disappointed. Our backs are clearly against the wall ahead of the next home game against Hoffenheim.

Somehow, you had the feeling the whole time that Bayer played without a midfield against Augsburg. There were enough chances to avert the home defeat. We also know, however, that strikers break their stride after scoring a goal. But that's precisely why a goal for Patrick Schick and Sardar Azmoun is needed next week. And be it, it is used with a "Kullerball". That alone is not enough, of course, because the defense is nowhere near as solid as it was a year ago. So there are plenty of tasks for the coaching team in the next few days. Let's get to work. We all know we can do it.

Sonntag, 7. August 2022


After the embarrassment of Elversberg, the worst was actually to be feared. Okay, with the 1-0 defeat we don't take anything countable home with us, but overall the defeat can be described as unfortunate. The Werkself had clear opportunities to equalize, especially in the second half. It was not to be.

One thing is clear. We're under pressure against Augsburg next weekend to prevent a real false start. We've never lost to Augsburg before, and the Fuggerstädter's performance yesterday at home against Freiburg means we're clear favorites going into the game. Maybe those are the toughest games, but a three-goal win is a must for us.

Montag, 1. August 2022

The never champions season forecast 2022/23

The new season is just around the corner, time to publish my never champions season forecast. As always, you can praise or criticize my forecasting ability at the end of the season.

Last season's predictions had consistency in that I correctly predicted three out of four Champions League contenders. I have not been particularly good at relegation predictions in the past. This has improved in the last two years, as I correctly predicted both direct relegations in the past two seasons.

 And here are my run-in expectations for the upcoming season:

1) Bayern Munich: I repeat myself in comparison to the previous year: yes, unfortunately, Bayern will probably remain the measure of all things in the league again, even if many - like me - do not like this.

2) Dose Leipzig: I think Leipzig has learned from the previous year. Playing certainly one of the TOP teams with clear strategic direction. But we have also learned that, if necessary, we can make decisive personnel additions during the winter break.

3) Borussia Dortmund: The team is in a good position, but the current personnel situation is still in the back of our minds. Anything other than a ranking of three and worse would be a disappointment. But this time, only the runner-up to Bayern.

4.) VfL Wolfsburg: Whether you like it or not, with the squad and the new coach, the Champions League must be in it. The structures have improved.

5) In the draft, I had us ranked higher, but after the defeat in Elversberg, I reconsidered. Year two is also always harder for a new coach. We are still missing an outside and whether it's nice or not, we still have to part with some players to reach an optimal squad size.

6) Hoffenheim: Difficult to assess, but certainly stronger than last year. New brooms certainly sweep well at the beginning of the season, but out the back?

7.) Eintracht Frankfurt: After a good international last year, the eagle should attack again nationally, even if the Champions League costs strength.

8) Borussia M'Gladbach: In the self-portrayal, the responsible persons see themselves rather further ahead, but the everyday life with a new coach looks different.

9) SC Freiburg: Consistency will also stand out this year. Streich can also keep the class this year with the squad, but certainly not qualify for Europe again.

10) Hertha BSC: At some point, as a capital club, you also have to invest properly, market yourself properly and have crisp investors to do better. But that's no use if your investor has money, but the right players don't necessarily want to come to the capital. But after the elimination in the cup, you can fully concentrate on the league and on becoming number 1 in Berlin again.

11) Union Berlin: Good personnel, supported by the environment, should once again keep the class in view of the continuing euphoria in the environment, even if not as easy as last year.

12) Mainz 05: After the strong second half of the season, the team is certainly entering the new season with a tailwind; the points should be enough to keep them in the class and land in the secure midfield.

13) 1. FC Köln: Class retention is realistic. One or two surprising home points should be enough to keep them in the lower end of the midfield.

14) FC Augsburg: Actually, this non-super team can't do more than sort itself out just outside the relegation places.

15) Werder Bremen: Actually a likeable squad, but unfortunately I fear that with the current squad "only" keeping up with the relegation is possible.

16) Schalke: The financial difficulties do not allow for more this season. Even if the environment bears, no more than relegation remains possible.

17) VfB Stuttgart: I'm not convinced by the transfer policy. According to their own self-image, they want more, but so does everyone else. This year, however, there are 16 better teams.

18) VfL Bochum: The euphoria helped to get the decisive points at home in the pot last year. Year two will be more difficult and not everything is likely to go so smoothly.


You can find the bookmakers' prediction here:

The fans' should be available soon at the following link:

And if you participate in betting games, check out the following link:

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