Samstag, 30. März 2019

Pranks C

Even 24 hours later I can't get over the fact that our boys lost 4:1 in Hoffenheim yesterday evening. Man, if Kevin had done the 2:1 in between. Who knows? But that doesn't count. A second half time to forget, which clearly showed our sports management where to improve. If you get a new defender for 12 million today, then he is only mediocre in this price class. The limits were clearly shown to our defence yesterday.
The C for Champions League should or must we all delete from our thoughts. Good, because with this team we would take an international beating. But it must be enough for the E, even if we have to go through the Eastern European villages at the end of July in seventh place. My summer holiday is over and I would have time. But I don't want that to be clear.

Sonntag, 17. März 2019

Bremen stops us, but the season isn't over yet

he home defeat against Bremen was a clear damper for our race to catch up, especially now that some teams from behind again smell the air of the European Cup. But the season is still long, there are still 8 match days ahead. But it also means that we have to win the six-point games against the village, the bulls and the eagles. Nothing is lost yet, even if it would have been easier to close the gap with a home win.

Sonntag, 10. März 2019

Fun is different

The quote of the day from our coach Peter Bosz actually reflects everything we saw on the pitch today against Hannover 96: "We are very happy about the three points. But that didn't have much to do with football today and it wasn't fun - not for me, not for the players and not for the spectators either, so I can't and don't want to analyse the match very well."

Three points and now to add against Bremen, then let's see what else happens.

Sonntag, 3. März 2019

Getting well soon is more important

Saying get well soon to our injured fan must be at the beginning of the commentary. And thanks also to the supporters of SC Freiburg, who immediately stopped their support. This is not self-evident in the league, so it has to be mentioned positively.

The victory belongs in the category of compulsory threes and was never endangered. But we all know how it works when a losing team suddenly compensates out of nowhere. In this respect, it was important to score the second goal so that nothing would burn.

I always find it astonishing that the Benders are always on the blink. That's why I also wish Sven all the best. We know that you want to be on the court again soon. Alexander Dragovic did his job very well in my opinion, not seeing any more of his mistakes in the early days at Bayer. A really remarkably positive staff. And a player has to be praised even after the Freiburg match, who otherwise isn't in the limelight, but has been doing a damn good job for months: Charles Aranguiz. His performance is truly remarkable.

Freiburg is behind us and with Hannover away next Sunday, we have a clear relegation candidate. But that's what we said in the first leg, and we've only balanced out at home very, very late. That will certainly not be enough next week. We need three points to catch up. And the team can do that, we all know that.

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