Sonntag, 29. November 2020

Still undefeated after a tired zero number

The Werkself, plagued by numerous staff worries, did not get beyond a tired zero in an intense but low-chance match against Hertha BSC. But to be honest, given the long list of injured players and the loss of another three regular players at short notice, one must be satisfied with the point. So we remain unbeaten and have to set the next round of the Europa League next Thursday. Even in the event of a three-goal defeat, the international overwintering is unacceptable. Whereby the next Bundesliga match next Sunday in Schalke is the actually difficult game. Schalke itself lies lonely at the bottom of the table with three points and has not won the last 25 matches in the league. These are the kicks where the favourite can only look old. But we don't want that.

Freitag, 27. November 2020

Not endangered

Seven regulars were missing and yet the Werkself still managed an unchallenged 4-1 home win over Beer Sheva last night. In fact, the question was how the Israelis had made it into the European League in the first place, even though their most goal-happy Dutch striker was absent. 

Two matchdays before the end of the group phase we are 99% in the next round. Next week in Nice, we could even theoretically lose by three goals and still be ahead, because when the points are equal, the games count against each other. In any case, the Israelis can't catch up with us. And Prague will make a guest appearance in the BayArena in a fortnight' time, when we'll be looking for first place in our group, which would be important in order to get the supposedly easier ticket.

That's still all in the future, it will continue in a three-day rhythm. On Sunday, Hertha's next home game is already waiting for us and we don't want to be just one of the few teams that haven't lost in the league this season, but will stay on top with a triple.

Samstag, 21. November 2020

In the end only victory counts

It was the expected Kxxx game after the international break. Bayer remains on course. After the first international break in the current year, the Werkself managed for the first time under Peter Bosz to score a triple after international matches, this time an important triple was achieved in the expected difficult game on the Alm.

How I hate these senseless international games in the current situation. On the one hand, it is certainly a distinction for the boys to be allowed to play internationally, on the other hand these matches are nothing more than a source of fire. Palacios seriously injured, Tapsoba with Covid ill, these are the losses after this year's international trips. And already in the previous matches, some players had been injured.

A deserved 1-0 half-time lead on the mountain pasture in Bielefeld was actually turned completely upside down between minutes 46 and 50. First the end in the break for Lars Bender, then after two minutes the end for Sven Bender and then the unlucky own goal of Hradecky. So the promoted player managed to equalise 1:1 without having shot once himself into the box.

The Werkself, however, stayed on, even though the chances were certainly not numerous and compelling. But in the end Dragovic scored the decisive and deserved winner with three minutes to go. Three points bygones and the healing process begins. Thursday we will continue in the EuropaLeague. But there is no time to take a deep breath.

Sonntag, 8. November 2020

In a good mood for the international match break

Before the game, I would have been satisfied with one point in the home game against Gladbach, despite the whole rotation. In the end it was still a well-deserved threesome, even though my friends in Gladbach say that a point split would have been fairer.

Alario scores further and Baumgartlinger is and remains a good substitute for Charles Aranguiz. Again today both could be relied upon. The scene of the match was certainly the last goal of the Gladbachers, who, despite all the fan glasses I have on, have the chance to become the goal of the year.

Undefeated and in 4th place, the Werkself are going into the break in the international match and also in the European competition we are fully on target. With today's cup with a home match against Eintracht Frankfurt, we also have a chance to win the third competition.

Today's game was great fun and showed what the Werkself is capable of - even after falling behind. That gives courage, even if the old football saying means that the next game against Bielefeld, already on the wall, will be the hardest.

Freitag, 6. November 2020

Labour victory in Israel

We won the first game, even though the 4:2 victory was harder than expected. The important thing is that none of our boys were injured and nobody with a yellow-red or red card will be missing soon. Interesting that we were leading the table in Group C of the EuropaLeague before the start of the game and dropped back to second place after the win. But so are the rules, that in the event of a tie, the games against each other are decisive. And in Prague we lost a week ago. But it's all just an interim result, nothing more.

Sunday Gladbach will be coming to the BayArena with a different calibre. But we don't need to be afraid of any opponent, even if we have admittedly been more successful away from home against Gladbach in recent years.

Sonntag, 1. November 2020

I like it like this

After the undeserved defeat of the Werkself, the team had to stay in the Bundesliga in Freiburg today. From the side and the current rhythm, I would have been satisfied with a draw in Breisgau in the run-up, especially since the last games against the Streich team were all close.

After the early 1-0 against us, it was time to stay calm and bring the advantages of the game to the pitch. A red card almost put us off the track again. But today the VAR was on duty again and so the red card became a yellow card for Sven Bender. And then Lucas Alario gave the Werkself the half-time lead with a double pack. When Amiri scored a dream goal to make it 3-1, the afternoon was supposed to be over, but it wasn't, because the Breisgau team scored 3-2 after a defensive error by Joker Petersen. But it is also the season of standard goals and Jonathan Tah pocketed a header three minutes after the connecting goal after the corner to a deserved 4:2 final score.

Now four days break before the EuropaLeague continues. Prague should not be repeated in Israel, even though our "B eleven" will certainly play there again. It is simply necessary to rotate, and today has shown that it can work. In this respect, we should look optimistically to Thursday and then we'll see what the Gladbachers will get on our chain, or rather hopefully not get on our chain.

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