Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019

The Never Champions Seasonal Forecast 2019/20

Just over a week until the start of the season in the first cup round in Aachen. The anticipation is growing, our sporting management has strengthened the squad in my opinion. I wouldn't overestimate the last friendly match results either, because our coach has tried a lot and also allowed many youngsters to play. The most important tasks are and remain: We have to strike more
successful and of course we have to be much better in our defence than last year. Perhaps it will also help a little, if the injury misery improves compared to the previous year.

With this seasonal forecast you can once again measure me and my football intelligence. Last year I had seen three of four Champions League participants correctly and with Gladbach also one Euro League participant. With the relegates, however, my forecasting power was clearly worse, as I had assessed all three relegates Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Hanover better.

And here are my running-in expectations for the coming season:

1.) Bayern Munich: Yes, unfortunately, the Bavarians will probably remain the measure of all things in the league again, even if many - like me - don't like it.

2.) Borussia Dortmund: I think the team is better positioned than last year, especially after the many departures and arrivals. The squad is still too big, which can cause unrest. Nevertheless, this year they are close to Bayern again.

3.) WIR: Peter Bosz has the CL qualification last year in the final spurt. Our squad has improved. Insofar we should run in a place better and can deny the last plays in peace, because then place 3 is safe upward and downward.

4.) Dose Leipzig: Have played good football last year, but the triple burden takes its toll. International place should be in it with a new coach.

5.) Werder Bremen: The team gets into the season with momentum, the coach constancy pays off, so that after a long time once again the participation in a European competition beckons.

6.) Borussia M'Gladbach: A lot depends on how fast the newcomers hit. The new coach will certainly bring momentum, but the finishing touches will still be missing at the beginning. But it will be settled at the end.

7.) VfL Wolfsburg: Actually there should be more in it with the squad. The structures have improved, but here, too, the new coach needs time to fine-tune the game.

8.) Eintracht Frankfurt: The Euro League Fighters 2018/19 have to be careful that they survive the qualification for the Euro League without any damage, because otherwise the worm is in this time from the beginning, especially since important storm supports have left the club.

9.) Hoffenheim: On balance, bloodletting in the player's blanket: good players gone, some brought in, but who still have to settle in. In addition, the coach is new and has to settle in. More than a midfield place is not possible this year.

10.) Hertha BSC: 2019/20 will again be a year of mediocrity for the capital. At some point, as a capital city club, you have to invest properly, market yourself properly and not just have crisp investors to do better.

11.) Schalke 04: I think young coaches are good. But the structural improvement doesn't happen overnight. In this respect I expect Schalke to improve a bit, but not more.

12) 1.FC Cologne: Class retention is absolutely realistic. The one or other surprising home point should be enough to sort yourself in at the lower end of the midfield.

13.) SC Freiburg: Stability will be distinguished again this year. The SC can hold the class with the squad also this year.

14.) FC Augsburg: I have to admit that I had a much worse opinion of the puppeteers last year. Actually, this non-overman team can't do more than to sort itself in just before the relegation ranks.

15.) Union Berlin: In view of the euphoria in the year of promotion, good personal data, carried by the environment, should keep the class, because the second year is usually the more difficult one.

16.) Mainz 05: I expect the first coach release of the season in Mainz. The teams in direct competition will certainly benefit from the higher euphoria. But should be enough for a relegation place.

17.) SC Paderborn: Unfortunately, Paderborn should not be able to convert the offensive spirit of the second league one to one in the Bundesliga. Therefore the Ostwestfalen will have it probably very heavily to hold the class.

18.) Fortuna Düsseldorf: The second year is always the most difficult. There is absolutely nothing more in it with the squad. Funkel won't be sitting on his chair at the beginning of the carnival.

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