Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020

My 2019/20 season forecast was not that bad - Werkself unfortunately overestimated

At the end of a more than comical season, it is time to recapitulate the niemeister 2019/20 season forecast dated 31.7.2019. Nobody would have thought back then that the league would be finished under these circumstances.

Somehow my season prognosis seems to show consistency in that I correctly predicted three out of four Champions League participants as well as one Europa League starter, just like last year. It's just a pity that the Werkself is the fourth club I've seen in the Champions League, but they had to give the Gladbachers this place.

And my prognosis for the relegated teams was not bad either, because I saw Paderborn as well as Düsseldorf as relegated. Last year I had not seen him relegated.

In detail, I had assumed that the Bavarians would again, unfortunately, The Bavarians remained in the league and also in the cup the measure of all things, even if many - like me - do not like this. I had seen Dortmund close up, even if it wasn't close at the end, and I thought the cans would have a top place under the new coach. Our team did not reach my forecast goal, as I mentioned before, but I maintain that we lost sight of this goal in the fall and not in the second half of the series. I had seen the Gladbacher on place 6 and expected a lot of momentum from the new coach. Secretly, he then ignited too much momentum for my fan glasses and reached the Champions League place. Wolfsburg finally did the finishing touches and ended up in the Europa League as I expected. The Hoffenheimers, whom I had put two places lower, will play there.

The disappointment of the season is certainly Werder Bremen. I had expected the team to start the season with momentum, because the consistency of the coach pays off. The 16th place on the last day of play and the win of the relegation against Heidenheim without winning a game makes the Werder Bremen team miss the relegation by a paper-thin margin. It was mainly the weak home performance with only two home games won. You can't get that many points away from home.

I had put Schalke on 11th place, not a bad prognosis, even if I didn't see this course of events with a good back and forth and a catastrophic back series. I wasn't surprised by the fact that Cologne and Union Berlin kept their classes. With Union I had assumed that the euphoria would carry the club. That was certainly true until eight matchdays before the end. Constance in Freiburg has paid off again. And Augsburg and Mainz are realistically not over-teams and can't do more than sort themselves out shortly before the relegation ranks.
At Fortuna Düsseldorf, as expected, the second year was the tougher one. And last but not least, Paderborn unfortunately - but as expected - did not manage to implement the offensive spirit of the second division one to one in the Bundesliga. 

For many teams the season is now over, but not yet for the Werkself, as the Glasgow Rangers will be coming to the BayArena for a ghostly return match in early August. Those were the days when we were able to celebrate the Werkself's 3-1 win in the first leg in Glasgow.

Stay healthy, everyone.

Montag, 6. Juli 2020

Even two days later it still hurts

Unfortunately the Werkself missed to get the thing on Saturday. Afterwards it is always useless to discuss what the reason was, that's why I don't want to take part in the speculation.

The only thing I find regrettable is how the social media deal with individual players and the coaching team. There are expressions that are only found in social media. None of the people with these contributions would express themselves like that in a face-to-face conversation, but in the social media they are unrecognized.

Of course we're all disappointed, but if you're honest, that was the expected outcome, even if I had more than hope. The Bavarians are playing in a different dimension, even if I personally do not like it and it is not good for the league. And they have lost their role model character anyway. This became clear not only after the game when Rummenigge said in an interview with ARD that, thank God, they are in Berlin and not in Bavaria, because the Corona rules are looser in Berlin. In my opinion, this is not possible at all.

In addition, the DFB must pay attention to more neutrality. Even if the association is supported by adidas, it is not possible for Mr. Keller to hold a mask with a large adidas logo in front of the camera in an exemplary manner during the award ceremony. We should not forget that the President of Bavaria, Herbert Hainer, was a member of the adidas board of directors for a long time and was involved in all the deals. Good corporate governance works differently.

But we should not point to the others. For better or for worse: and no matter how much it hurts .....We are Leverkusen and our day will come.

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