Sonntag, 13. November 2022


With a 2-0 home win against VfB Stuttgart, the year 2022 comes to an end for the Werkself, the last two match days of the first half of the season will then be played after the World Cup break in the second half of January. Nine points from the last three games, which few had expected after the games before. All in all, however, a conciliatory end to what was nevertheless a messed-up first half of the season.

Take a breather, and rebuild, that's the keyword for the next two months. Let's be surprised what will happen.

Donnerstag, 10. November 2022

Balm for the soul

Victories like the one in Cologne last night are balm for the soul. It's undisputed that the Werkself scored a lucky win in Cologne yesterday. But honestly, we've also had our share of bad luck this season, just think of the many goals we've conceded after penalties were awarded following VAR evidence, which were certainly not all justified. Be that as it may. Three points on the credit side with a derby win and a successful follow-up to the Union victory should give us the courage to successfully overcome the upcoming home game against Stuttgart.

Montag, 7. November 2022

Is the knot coming undone now?

We needed a game like yesterday's 5-0 home win against Union Berlin. This game, which was tough until halftime, can serve to loosen knots and look ahead again with more confidence. Sometimes you also need a little luck and mistakes by the opponent, but that's part of football.

I was still very disappointed at half-time and everyone in my block was of the opinion that the defense was standing though. But none of my stadium neighbors seriously believed that the offense would manage to make decisive stabs. But it all turned out differently, and that's how you see it: when things are going well, things that had gone wrong a hundred times before start to work. And then suddenly it's 5:0.

Now we can't rest: Wednesday in Cologne and then at home against Stuttgart. With two wins, we can join the midfield and then do our homework in the winter and push ahead with the rebuild.

The knot is a little looser, but not yet untied.

Mittwoch, 2. November 2022

The offense must now deliver

I can't share some of the comments about yesterday's - obviously boring - game against Bruges. Porto quickly took a 2-0 lead in the parallel game, so a draw would be enough for us to stay in the Europa League. And one thing was also clear, Brugge were sure to finish second and would have to net to progress as group winners and thus get the supposedly easier opponent in the next round and play away first. With this money shortage situation, you can't go all in, it's more about being defensively stable and holding the zero. And we succeeded in doing that.

Nevertheless, the Werkself must operate differently in the upcoming Bundesliga games. There's no doubt that the offense will be in demand. And the point is, of course, not to endanger defensive stability in the process.

Despite all this, the team must be significantly rebuilt in the winter to prevent the worst case in 2023. And realistically, last night was the last time for many years that we heard the Champions League anthem live in our stadium.

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