Samstag, 28. September 2019


Important away victory for our works team in Augsburg, our favourite opponent in the league. Playfully the performance was certainly not on the highest level, but what is not, that can still become.

It's important that nobody injured themselves and Weiser, Sinkgraven and Paulinho got playing practice. Augsburg is certainly not the measure of all things, but you have to make the three-way anyway.

The next two games have it a little bit in themselves. After the unnecessary home defeat against Moscow, we are under pressure in the Champions League. If Ronaldo and Co then run up against us, then we probably won't have these high ball possession shares. And next Saturday the cops will be our guests in the BayArena. Until yesterday Leipzig was the dominant team in the league, but after today's home defeat against Schalke, the hyped championship candidate is back on the ground.

Let's go werkself.

Samstag, 21. September 2019

A disappointing week at all

Even though the Werkself have beaten weak unioners 2-0 today, the whole week after the defeat against the BVB can be considered disappointing. Of course, the low point on Wednesday was the home defeat against Lok Moscow. If you already lose at home against the supposedly weakest opponent in the group, then it is unfortunately already as sure as the Amen in the church that you will not hibernate internationally.

Union was an obligatory victory. Next week we are going to Augsburg. Actually our favourite opponent away, especially since the Werkself has never lost there. But a draw is not enough. The team has to get back on track. That's why it's good that Dragovic and above all Alario convinced us today and the substitutions of Weiser and Paulinho also show that stronger rocking is possible. But be it as it may, the disappointment about the very, very weak international appearance still prevails.

Samstag, 14. September 2019

On days like this

On days like these, so the Toten Hosen, you wish for infinity. Our game was too imprecise and then you can't win in Dortmund. 66% possession of the ball shows the statistics, a higher mileage of our team and 12 shots on goal of the Werkself only 9 of the Dortmund opposed. That doesn't help anything, because the 0:4 defeat was all in all a rough gossip, there is nothing to whitewash.

There are such match days in the year, even if they do more than hurt. I only hope that the team will learn the lessons, because the next two home games against Lok Moscow in the Champions League and against Union Berlin are compulsory threesomes.

So cheer up and how do the Toten Hosen say: Get up when you're on the ground. And the Werkself will get up, for sure.

Sonntag, 1. September 2019

A good day or a bad day?

Even 24 hours after the at first sight disappointing 0:0 against Hoffenheim I'm not sure if it was a good or a bad day yesterday.

On the positive side, our boys played to zero. On the negative side, of course, we didn't net against Hoffenheim. It's positive that Wolfsburg left feathers at home against Paderborn and the Dortmunder with the defeat in Union. Negative is that the cans impressive with a threesome in Gladbach draw their rounds and the Bayern Mainz also shoot 6:1 fast from the stadium.

We should not look at the rest. We should see positively that we are still unbeaten after three match days. 76% ball possession, 19:0 corners and 20:6 goal shots draw a positive picture, but with the result of 0:0 then not. If we are honest, we have to admit that in the first 60 minutes we didn't find the means to break the defensive bar. And more realistically we should assume that Hoffenheim will not be the only opponent in the season who will seek his salvation in the BayArena on the defensive. And one thing remains to be said, of course: Our yield after standards, in particular corners must improve.

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