Sonntag, 27. Februar 2022

Playing superiority and clear tempo advantages

Playful superiority and clear tempo advantages, that's a simple way to sum up the Werkself's home match against Bielefeld. In this respect, the 3:0 victory was completely deserved. With this self-confidence, I wouldn't write off the away game in Bavaria next week in advance. Bayern are also vulnerable, which they have proven time and again in recent games. Let's see if the Werkself can take revenge for the defeat in the first leg. We have a wide squad and that's important when the game resumes in a fortnight. And even though Diaby closed the deal yesterday with two great goals, the team is a team, you can feel that.

Samstag, 19. Februar 2022

When you think you think, then you only think you think

What's that old hit song: When you think you think, you just think - A girl can't do that. When you think, with another three-pointer we could put further distance between us and the chasers after four wins. If you think we could take a lead away from home. If you think your best goal scorer could be out for a few weeks now. And the girl is Bayer.

Lost 3-2 in Mainz, conceded two goals in the last eight minutes. Schick substituted after 48 minutes. A goal conceded from a free-kick that wasn't a free-kick. A VAR intervention after a goal for the opponent leads to a disallowance, although it was actually legal. A shot from the crossbar that should have given us a 3:1 lead. That's football and yet Mainz were the deserved winners. Let's forget about it. Next Saturday against Bielefeld, we'll try for another three.

Samstag, 12. Februar 2022

Stuttgart is still not one of our fearsome opponents

Stuttgart suits us. After the 3:1 away win in September, the Werkself was able to beat the second last from Swabia 4:2 at home. All in all, it was a tough game, as the visitors stood deep and were not really dangerous in front of the Werkself goal. In this respect, it was important to take the lead with an individual performance by Diaby shortly before the break.

Shortly after the break, they equalised. It was important to regain the lead three minutes later with a free kick. Five minutes before the end, the 3:1 was supposed to be the final goal, but then they scored again. And with a two-goal lead to lose, the Werkself is very familiar with that, but then again the new lead.

It was nice to be in the stadium again. We don't need to be afraid of Mainz on Friday, but those are the dangerous games.

Sonntag, 6. Februar 2022

There you go

With 5:2, the Werkself wins a match in Dortmund for the first time in six years, and it is completely deserved. In a nutshell: Leverkusen were more present in the duels, more determined in their offensive play - and the more dangerous team in all respects. In any case, the performance of the Werkself gives us courage and hope for the upcoming tasks. It is and must be our goal to reach the Champions League. But there is still a long way to go.

Next Saturday we play the "top game" of the matchday at home against Stuttgart. It's like playing against a battered boxer, because the Swabians are more and more stuck in the relegation maelstrom. We won 4:1 away from home, a treble. With the same performance as today, that shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully.

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