Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2019

Black and white change so quickly

On Sunday against Fortuna the world was still in order, because what the Werkself showed against Düsseldorf did not exist before. If our boys came back from Europe earlier, then they often missed the next Bundesliga match, no matter how easy it was, in the clear favourite role. In contrast, things were very different against Düsseldorf: 84% of ball possessions speak for themselves. Jonathan Tah alone played 206 passes, considerably more than the whole Düsseldorf team with 188.

Tonight, this look in the rear-view mirror is of no use, because it's so easy to follow in black and white football. Even if the Werkself did not lose, they are today in the favorite role against Krasnodar out of the international competition. That concludes the English weeks for this year.

Whether that's good or bad I don't know yet. Even though this admittedly makes my business scheduling a little easier, I would have liked to have taken it differently. It is as it is, too bad. And the motto can only be: Full concentration on the Bundesliga. If we played against Dortmund on Sunday, then at least four of the five teams at the top will no longer be our opponents this year. Does that mean that the rest will be easier than for the competition? No certainly not, because you get the decisive points against supposedly weaker ones or leave them there. These are the points you have to score.

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