Sonntag, 10. Februar 2019

Welcome back

After the defeat in Heidenheim, I had feared that the Werkself might approach the match in Mainz a bit too tense. But no, thank God, no, because in the end there was a never 5-1 away win at risk. Welcome back to the real world, dear Werkself.

Yes, that was a more than good performance on Friday evening in Mainz. Why doesn't that happen every week? So the Werkself is praised in all gazettes, but there are also those waiting in the starting blocks who want to speak of a unique performance. Of course also those who now write individual players into the national team and call out high price tags for some players during a transfer.

It is and remains important to bring consistency into the performances, based on that of Mainz and NOT that of Heidenheim. In view of the other results a good weekend for us. Why can't it be like this every weekend?

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