Samstag, 30. März 2019

Pranks C

Even 24 hours later I can't get over the fact that our boys lost 4:1 in Hoffenheim yesterday evening. Man, if Kevin had done the 2:1 in between. Who knows? But that doesn't count. A second half time to forget, which clearly showed our sports management where to improve. If you get a new defender for 12 million today, then he is only mediocre in this price class. The limits were clearly shown to our defence yesterday.
The C for Champions League should or must we all delete from our thoughts. Good, because with this team we would take an international beating. But it must be enough for the E, even if we have to go through the Eastern European villages at the end of July in seventh place. My summer holiday is over and I would have time. But I don't want that to be clear.

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