Donnerstag, 18. April 2019

We don't need eggs

Shortly before the Easter holidays I can only send a message to all our upcoming opponents not to lay eggs in our nests. There are still 15 points to be distributed and we feel we need at least 13 to play internationally next year.

In the meantime, I would also accept to enter the international scene at the end of July as table seventh and get to know grounds, of which I probably don't even know yet that they exist. For my Groundhopping country ranking it's always a win. 

Nuremberg, the supposedly easy opponent, is waiting for us on Saturday. What do they have to lose now? They won't appear tense. The game will therefore be decided with the mentality, with the will to leave the three points in the BayArena.  

If our strikers are to earn then times again the attribute Top, then they must net. I can't stress it often enough. Our goal ratio is besides in comparison to the competition rather a deficiency. It still goes what, but it must be there so much fire that the Easter fire burns powerful and the opponent puts no eggs into our nest.

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