Samstag, 24. August 2019

Never endangered away victory in Düsseldorf

On days like these, it's quite enough to concentrate on the Bundesliga for just 45 minutes and still take the three-way home with you.  Bayer made use of his clear dominance in the first round after his early lead and added two more points. Even after the restart of the game, the management of the results didn't endanger the Werkself against a long time too harmless Fortuna.

Games against a potential relegator are the time of the point collecting, that was already last week against Paderborn so and now also against Düsseldorf. We all remember that the BVB probably missed last year's championship by losing to Düsseldorf when just before Christmas they thought they would go there to shoot down the home team.

But we must not overestimate this victory, even if it's good that much more worked out than a week ago. But three points are three points that no one can take away from us, no more and no less.

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