Freitag, 13. März 2020

Did the season end in Ibrox?

With a 3-1 away win in the Glasgow Rangers, which I believe is never in danger, Bayer has every chance of reaching the round of the last eight at international level.

But if you follow the current discussion, it is probably just a pattern without value, because the return match has already been cancelled, as have the upcoming Bundesliga games.

I maintain that football without fans is a pattern without value. Postpone the European Championship 2020 by one year, even if UEFA finds it difficult to teach this to the sponsors, but that is the social responsibility. If the league is postponed until Easter, then you have a better overview and can make new decisions if necessary. But that's how you get your breath back. And most importantly, the FIFA suspension period at the end of March will also be cancelled without replacement.

All this hick hack of the last days with games behind closed doors, then nevertheless refusal, one plays, the other not, that is and remains in German Murks.

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