Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2020

Ghost winner

It's brutal when you drive past the stadium on the motorway 45 minutes before the start of the match on your way home, don't turn off and swap your seat in the stadium for the sofa again.

All in all, a well-deserved ghost win against the cathedral city, even if it did not always look like a sure-fire triumph after the intermediate connecting goal. But in the end the FC could not follow the pace of Diaby. The basis for success is certainly also the broad squad, if you can easily bring in national players without losing quality.

After yesterday's appearance of Havertz, the discussion about a possible transfer will probably continue in the next few days, especially since in England and Spain the season has just been restarted and football is now much more prominent again. But the Werkself should not be put off by the discussions. And since yesterday it is also clear that the Europa League will continue in August. We still have everything in hand and are therefore looking confidently into the coming weeks.

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