Montag, 21. September 2020

To be better you need more playing practice

I'm absolutely satisfied with the 0:0 in Wolfsburg, because you shouldn't underestimate the fact that Wolfsburg has a good team that has recently qualified for international places time and again.

Of course, we cannot be satisfied with the performance of our team in the Autostadt. We were standing well in the back, but we lacked any punch at the front. I hate all this talk about the fact that with the departure of Havertz and Volland we are missing so and so many scorer points from last year. You can actually see that the team lacks playing practice because of the very short preparation time. By the way, if I was a coach I would have done the same. If you look at the match schedule, you will soon be hunting one English week after another. The last few years have shown time and again - and not only here - that the back of the pack is running out of air. So I think there's now a better chance of doing better from the back.

And I also cannot share this oil in the social media about missing commitments. Particularly in the current transfer window, prices will fall significantly in the coming weeks. Then you can shop better later. Of course, this also applies in the opposite sense to our potential departures. Why buy expensive now and sell cheaper later?

My season ticket is in the draw pot. Hopefully the infection figures in Leverkusen will not rise even further in the next few days, so that the game "Behind closed doors" will take place. I'd like to be there, even if it won't be like before, but it's a step towards normality.

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