Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2020

Promising start to the EuroLeague

I would have expected more from a top French team than what I saw tonight in the BayArena in Nice. The Werkself started the game in a concentrated manner and took an early 2-0 lead through consistent pursuit and a hammer goal from Lucas Alario. Nice came close to 2:1 and you had the feeling that the equalizer would also fall until halftime if the referee had let the game play a little longer in halftime.

Thank God the picture has turned around in the second half. And I was again strengthened in my opinion that Karim Bellarabi is much more dangerous as a substitute than when he is in the starting eleven.  His two goals today are clear proof of this. The second goal of the French team after 6:1 was only cosmetic, but it also shows that you can't be casual in your own defense during the 90 minutes. 

All in all a promising start into the EuroLeague. If this victory and the hope that Nice is actually the second best team in our group doesn't get you through the winter internationally, then I don't understand the world anymore.

Now the English weeks will continue in the same vein. Monday at home against Augsburg with Heiko Herrlich and Thursday evening in Prague before Sunday it goes to Freiburg. Today's victory gives tailwind. The defense was stable despite the two goals scored and the lightness seems to have returned to the front. 

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