Samstag, 10. Oktober 2020

Slowly it hurts

In good German one would say that the last week was an epidemic week for the Bavarian. First the unnecessary 1:1 at the ascent in Stuttgart with the injuries of Schick and Sinkgraven, then the unnecessary discussions at the end of the transfer window and now also the killer injury of our Colombian newcomer Santiago Arias. So you can somehow be glad that the national teams are currently playing without Leverkusen players so that no one else gets hurt.

And at the end of the transfer window without further new commitments: After the Havertz sale, it was clear that every selling club wanted to get a bonus from the Bavarian for its players. In this respect, the economic approach of our responsible persons is absolutely correct, not to pay every moon transfer price and every moon transfer salary. Now it is the trainer's responsibility to bring Mr. Dragovic, Jedvaj and Weiser into shape during training so that they can make a valuable contribution to the club and earn their salary.

The next few weeks will be difficult due to the density of the games and the supposedly broad squad is suddenly no longer so broad. I am still in good spirits, but slowly it is starting to hurt.

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