Sonntag, 29. November 2020

Still undefeated after a tired zero number

The Werkself, plagued by numerous staff worries, did not get beyond a tired zero in an intense but low-chance match against Hertha BSC. But to be honest, given the long list of injured players and the loss of another three regular players at short notice, one must be satisfied with the point. So we remain unbeaten and have to set the next round of the Europa League next Thursday. Even in the event of a three-goal defeat, the international overwintering is unacceptable. Whereby the next Bundesliga match next Sunday in Schalke is the actually difficult game. Schalke itself lies lonely at the bottom of the table with three points and has not won the last 25 matches in the league. These are the kicks where the favourite can only look old. But we don't want that.

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