Samstag, 2. Januar 2021

Never give up

I haven't counted it, but it feels like the Bavarians have lost more than three quarters of all first games in a new year. Unfortunately, this has not changed in 2021. The 2-1 defeat in Frankfurt was completely deserved. And let's be clear: despite conceding two goals, it was the forwards who lost the game, not the defence. No bite from the strikers and hardly any chances, so you can't take anything with you in Frankfurt.

There's no reason to panic. There always comes a point in a season when you don't perform at 100% for a few games. The important thing is to get back on track. Our lead over a non-Champions League place is still OK. But we still have two direct duels in the first half of the season with Union and Dortmund, and Bremen has annoyed us often enough at the BayArena. Nevertheless, we are looking positively at the next few weeks, because the team has shown that it can do it.

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