Sonntag, 30. Mai 2021

Better season forecast ever - Werkself (unfortunately) correctly assessed

At the end of a more than comical season, it's time to recap the never-master 2020/21 season forecast from 14.9.2020.

Somehow my season prediction seems to show consistency in that I correctly predicted three out of four Champions League participants (Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig), just like last year. My relegation predictions were not particularly good either: I had seen Mainz and Bielefeld in 17th and 18th place. But in fact it was Bremen and Schalke who were relegated. I had seen Stuttgart in the relegation, the place where Cologne were saved after all.

Specifically, I had assumed that Bayern would once again be the measure of all things in the league, even if many - like me - didn't like it. I thought Dortmund would be close, even if it wasn't that close at the end, and I also thought the Dosen would finish top under Nagelsmann.  I didn't expect Wolfsburg to be in the top 4 under any circumstances, especially since they didn't make it past the Europa League qualifiers. But the Wolves showed consistency over the whole season.

Positive was the development of Frankfurt, who finished in 5th place (my tip: 8). However, after the announcement of the change of coach, the eagle was plucked several times.

Our team reached the Europa League as I expected (6th place, my tip: 5). However, if you look at the course of the season, there was clearly more in it after the first half of the season. 

One of the top surprises for me was Union's 7th place and qualification for the new European competition. I had expected the second year to be more difficult for the team from Köpenick and had expected 15th place.

While Union surprised positively, Borussia M'Gladbach did the exact opposite. My prediction of 3rd place was missed with 8th place. Here it first became apparent that the announcement of a change of coach is rather harmful.

In my prediction, the disappointments of the season will certainly come in the relegation zone. Werder was actually already saved in March and only picked up one point from the last nine games (against Werkself). And nothing really needs to be said about Schalke. I don't see either team getting back up quickly; the structural deficits in both clubs are too great, coupled with considerable financial difficulties. And Cologne, who are just about to stay in the top flight, will also have to make considerable changes in order to achieve a better ranking next year.

All in all, my predictions have been better than for the past season. I'll do my best to do better next year.

 Stay healthy, everyone.

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