Samstag, 28. August 2021

Augsburg suits us

In the 21st meeting between the Puppenkiste and the Werkself, FCA did not emerge victorious either. On the contrary, four goals were scored by our team and only one by Augsburg. Admittedly, our team only netted two out of four times itself, but own goals happen exactly when you aggressively pursue and put the opponent under pressure. Ultimately, the same description applies to the Augsburg goal against us. So the Werkself goes into the international break undefeated.

Nothing has been won yet, but you can't give away the points you have. After the break, it's important to show directly against Dortmund who's the master in the house and that in 2021/22 the path only goes past the Bayer. If you listen to the interviews with the players, it's clear that the boys are up for it and the mood in the team is good. But as I said, the road is still long and the tough English weeks are still to come, but with the latest signings, the squad is now probably broad enough to successfully meet these challenges.

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