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The neverchampion season forecast 2023/24

With the new season just around the corner, it’s time to publish my never-master season
forecast. As always, you can praise or criticise my forecasting skills at the end of the season.

Last season’s predictions were consistent in the sense that I correctly predicted three out of
four Champions League participants. I was not particularly good at relegation predictions in
the past. This had improved in the meantime, because during the Corona period I had
correctly predicted both direct relegations. Last year, on the other hand, my two direct
relegation candidates had kept their place in the league.

And here are my run-in expectations for the coming season:

1) Bayern Munich: I repeat myself in comparison to previous years: Yes, unfortunately,
Bayern will probably remain the measure of all things in the league again, even if many - like
me - don’t like it.

2) Bayer Leverkusen: With the new signings and the current squad, the Werkself is once
again, considered by many to be the secret favorite. This season there could be something to
it. Second place and reaching the Champions League simply have to be possible.

3) Dose Leipzig: I think Leipzig has learned from the previous year. The squad has some
losses of substance, but players with a lot of potential, were also signed.

4) Borussia Dortmund: Last season and missing out on the title still have an impact. Some
leaders have left the club, and the new arrivals harbor a certain risk potential.

5) Eintracht Frankfurt: The new coach will give Eintracht a tailwind. Despite the upheaval,
the squad is good enough to qualify for international matches again.

6) VfL Wolfsburg: It will not happen a second time for the Wolves to miss out on
international competition. With the coach, there is enough room to improve further this year.

7) SC Freiburg: Consistency will also stand out this year. However, the triple burden will be a
problem this year, especially since the expectations in Breisgau have also risen recently. .

8) Union Berlin: Last season, Union certainly played above their own limit. But the
Köpenicker are too solid to break in. However, the focus on Europe will cost them points here
and there.

9) Hoffenheim: Difficult to assess, but certainly stronger than last year. But not much has
changed since last year. The illusion of qualifying internationally is fizzling out.

10) Borussia M’Gladbach: With a top coach, but a newly assembled team, Borussia should at
least manage to establish itself in the secure midfield, which can be considered a success
compared to previous years.

11) VfB Stuttgart: With the relegation, there is probably a new euphoria at the Swabians.

12) Mainz 05: After single-digit finishes in recent years, opponents are increasingly adjusting
to Svensson football. However, the home strength is probably enough to collect enough points
to finish in midfield and have nothing to do with the relegation fight.

13) Werder Bremen: The second season after promotion is always the more difficult one. The
ongoing Füllkrug discussions and financial necessities bring uncertainties, at least at the
beginning of the season.

14) 1. FC Köln: With the current coach, staying in the league is realistic. The one or other
surprising home point should be enough - despite notable departures - to settle at the lower
end of the midfield.

15) Heidenheim: The home strength of Heidenheim will be enough to keep them in the
league. The team is the clear underdog and almost everyone has them pegged as relegation
candidates number 1. But that gives them the chance to pick up a point or two away from
home here and there.

16) VfL Bochum: The euphoria helped to get the decisive points at home in the pot last year.
This year will be difficult again, but VfL will keep the class in the relegation.

17) FC Augsburg: Actually, this non-super team can’t pull anymore. The whole time the team
is in the relegation fight, but at some point it won’t be enough.

18.) Darmstadt 98: The team morale is to be rated highly, but that does not hide the fact that
the club has the lowest squad value in the league and has lost some key players.

You can find the bookmakers’ prediction here:

The fans’ prediction should be available soon at the following link:

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