Montag, 6. Mai 2019

Just don't let up

Okay, nobody would have expected the fantastic 6:1 against Frankfurt in advance. But it was just a game on the way to the finish, admittedly an important one. And the Bavarian has shown that he can also win important games. Everything is still open at the finish. Weeks ago I didn't dream that we would come back like this. And yesterday it was really fun to watch the team. I think it was the best half I've ever seen in the BayArena.

Saturday Schalke waits. They are saved now. There I do not know whether the team collapses or pulls itself together, in order to show that it goes nevertheless. Nothing destotrotz, a threesome is obligatory for us. That would help us a lot, especially since all the other competitors for the international places don't have easy games ahead of them either.

Something is going on again. The joy is back. That's how Bayer is fun.

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