Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

Not badly played, but nothing fetched

At least in the first sixty minutes of the Champions League away match at Atletico Madrid, the Werkself could not be accused of having learned nothing from the defeat in Frankfurt.  But what I couldn't deny and that's the way it is when you score zero goals: Our highly praised storm did not hit again. You can always get one in Atletico, but to be honest, I haven't seen much of a chance for our team to score.

To those of you who are now making the swan song to the Champions League, all you can say is that it was already clear after the home defeat against Moscow that this year it's all about the Euro League for us. And nothing has changed in the constellation so far. There is still everything in it, especially since we can also win in Moscow with heart and blood with two goals difference.

Now four home games in a row follow, our whole concentration has to be on it: scoring in the Bundesliga and getting ahead in the cup against Paderborn. Then it doesn't matter what the outcome against Atletico will be in the second leg. This will be a game for increasing self-confidence if things go well or for increasing uncertainty if things go badly. I believe in the first one. The season is still long.

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