Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2020

Berlin on the sofa

Deserved, more than deserved and not really endangered at any time was the 3-0 victory of the Werkself last night at the four-league club Saarbrücken in the semi-finals of the DFB-Pokal. Statistically speaking, it was the first Werkself victory ever in Saarland and the first win against Saarbrücken in almost 35 years. Incidentally, the Werkself have not lost to Saarbrücken in 34.5 years. Turn it however you want.

Berlin on the sofa: I've always wanted Berlin and in the last few years I've always booked a hotel for the final in Berlin at the beginning of the season. So this year as well, but also weeks ago - detached from the sportive progress of the Werkself - I cancelled again. So this year it's the sofa. And what do my Bayer final statistics say. Probably exactly the same as for many of you:
1993 - Sofa - won
2002 - stadium - lost
2009 - Stadium - lost
2020 - Sofa - ??????

Even if it hurts my heart, but it would do me good if this series does not tear.

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