Sonntag, 7. Juni 2020

Forget it

That wasn't our Saturday yesterday. Maybe we made the tactical mistake and started too offensive in the bayern game. The beginning proved us right with the lead, but if you get three pieces until halftime, then there's nothing to get against the South Germans.

And still the game had a highlight for us with the goal of Florian Wirtz, a goal that will remain in the statistics for a long time.

Tuesday evening it's off to the showdown in Saarland. These are games where you can only embarrass yourself. If the Werkself go into the cup final, you won't get any praise, everyone says they expected it. And if not, then you're the nation's fool. Lotte and Heidenheim send their regards. But playfully and normally this thing should turn out well for us. But what is normal in these times? Still, I have no doubt that the Werkself will make it to the cup final again. 

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