Samstag, 8. Januar 2022


Bleak is the keyword of the afternoon for me. Desolate because the Werkself once again failed to clinch a three-goal win at home after taking the lead. Comfortable above all because once again no spectators were allowed into the stadium.

After the game, I don't know what to make of the 2:2 against Union at home. We go in the lead, get before the break the 1:1 and are after 50 minutes 1:2 behind. Storming run after that would have certainly looked different, but you can also argue that it was a controlled offense. The 2:2 shortly before the end in my opinion completely in order. Union would then have had to net in the 90th, however.

Thus, the Werkself remains one point ahead of Union. Hoffenheim is now over, Freiburg plays at home against Bielefeld also only a draw. And after that, Frankfurt and Dortmund play against each other. A Frankfurt win wouldn't do us any good. 

Then we'll just have to score three points next week in Gladbach. Then we'll see whether they've ended their period of weakness and whether yesterday's win in Bavaria wasn't just a flash in the pan. But I'm in favor of a flash in the pan.

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