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The never champions (was yesterday) season review: Forecast versus final score

On 6.8.2023 I made the season forecast:

Here is the critical comparison between the forecast and the final score:

1. Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Prediction: 2nd place Final Standings: 1st place Comparison: Leverkusen exceeded the prediction and showed that secret favorites can turn into real champions. Apparently, switching from "secret" to "obvious" was their best tactic this year.

2. VfB Stuttgart

Prediction: 11th place Final Standings: 2nd place Comparison: Stuttgart drowned my prediction in the local spring and rose like good sourdough. This euphoria definitely needs its own chapter in the Bundesliga surprises book.

3. FC Bayern Munich

Prediction: 1st place Final Standings: 3rd place Comparison: Bayern went a bit light on dominance this year. The result? A surprisingly mild dish in third place. Not quite the fireworks expected.

4. RB Leipzig

Prediction: 3rd place Final Standings: 4th place Comparison: Leipzig, slightly tripped off the predicted podium. Perhaps the loss of some key players weighed more than the potential of new signings.

5. Borussia Dortmund

Prediction: 4th place Final Standings: 5th place Comparison: Dortmund nearly met the prediction, if not for that tiny, annoying step they tripped on. Thus, they ended up in 5th place—close, yet so far.

6. Eintracht Frankfurt

Prediction: 5th place Final Standings: 6th place Comparison: Frankfurt was slightly offset from the prediction. Apparently, the predicted tailwind was just a light breeze.

7. TSG Hoffenheim

Prediction: 9th place Final Standings: 7th place Comparison: Hoffenheim exceeded my expectations, or perhaps they simply outplayed the others. A good example that you should never give up hope (or Hoffenheim).

8. 1. FC Heidenheim 1846

Prediction: 15th place Final Standings: 8th place Comparison: Heidenheim, underestimated by almost everyone, proved that underdogs can bite. Who would have thought? (Clearly not me.)

9. SV Werder Bremen

Prediction: 13th place Final Standings: 9th place Comparison: Bremen navigated the turbulent waters better than expected. A clear case of "staying the course," despite my prediction.

10. Sport-Club Freiburg

Prediction: 7th place Final Standings: 10th place Comparison: Freiburg lost some consistency. The triple burden did leave its mark this year, or perhaps my expectations were just too high.

11. FC Augsburg

Prediction: 17th place Final Standings: 11th place Comparison: Augsburg, determined not to follow the relegation predictions, held strong. They shook off the "non-overachievers" label and emerged surprisingly like a phoenix from the ashes.

12. VfL Wolfsburg

Prediction: 6th place Final Standings: 12th place Comparison: Wolfsburg lost touch and veered off the path of predicted success. A case of GPS failure, I’d say.

13. 1. FSV Mainz 05

Prediction: 12th place Final Standings: 13th place Comparison: Mainz stuck relatively close to the prediction, just slightly off. A bit like horseshoe throwing: close but no cigar.

14. Borussia Mönchengladbach

Prediction: 10th place Final Standings: 14th place Comparison: Mönchengladbach ended up lower than I had expected. A case of "new team, old problems."

15. 1. FC Union Berlin

Prediction: 8th place Final Standings: 15th place Comparison: Union Berlin fell hard. Perhaps the focus on Europe was too distracting for league play.

16. VfL Bochum 1848

Prediction: 16th place Final Standings: 16th place Comparison: Bochum hit the prediction spot on. Sometimes it’s good to be exactly right, even if it’s just a battle against relegation.

17. 1. FC Köln

Prediction: 14th place Final Standings: 17th place Comparison: Cologne failed to meet expectations and slipped further down. A classic case of "too few surprising home points."

18. SV Darmstadt 98

Prediction: 18th place Final Standings: 18th place Comparison: Darmstadt confirmed the sad prediction. Sometimes it hurts to be right—especially when it involves relegation.

A season full of surprises and confusions— who needs accurate predictions when you can have an exciting Bundesliga season instead!

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